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Politechnika Krakowska

The Cracow University of Technology, Institute of Rail Vehicle
(2011.10 – present)
Professor Assistant (2018.07 – present)
Assistant (2011.10 – 2018.06)

Cracow University of Economics, Department of International Management
(01.10.2018 – 30.09. 2019)
Contract of mandate (fixed-term), conducting classes in institutions of logistics, logistics workshops
SKK S.A. SKK S.A., R&D Department
(2016.05 - present)
R&D Engineer
  Bionanotechnology and Innovative Techniques Center, Richard P. Feynmban
(08.2014 – 10.2014)
Analyst - internship in the project "Innovation chance for development enterprises in Malopolska"
  Trade and Transport company Czes??aw & Artur Mierzwa
(10.2012 – 12.2012)
Forwarder – internship in the project „Research and development in the knowledge-based economy”
Lukanet Phu Lukanet - internship in the project „SPIN – An effective entrepreneur and scientist”
(06.2012 – 08.2012)
Specialist for Internet Marketing
AKlo WEB Advertising agency Aklo WEB
(06.2011 - 01.2012)
Own business activity under the Academic Business Incubator in Krakow
JM Group Modern Advertising Agency JM Group, cooperation as Freelancer
(2006 – 2015)
Specialist for Internet Marketing, programmer, graphic designer
Augustyn Lorenc
Phone.+48 12 374 36 59
Fax: +48 12 628 33 11
ResercherID: Q-5894-2016
Recent papers
  1. Kuznar M., Lorenc A., A method of predicting wear and damage of pantograph sliding strips based on Artificial Neural Networks (2021), Materials, 15(98), Basel, Switzerland, pp. 1-23
  2. Kuznar M., Lorenc A., Kaczor G., Pantograph Sliding Strips Failure - Reliability Assessment and Damage Reduction Method Based on Decision Tree Model (2021), Materials, 14(19), 5743, Basel, Switzerland, pp. 1-17
  3. Lorenc A., Szarata J., Czuba M., Big Data analytics and anomaly prediction in the cold chain to supply chain resilience (2021), FME Transactions, VOL. 49, No 2, Belgrade, Serbia, pp. 315-326
  4. Lorenc A., Burinskiene A., Improve the orders picking in e-commerce by using WMS data and BigData analysis (2021), FME Transactions, VOL. 49, No 1, Belgrade, Serbia, pp. 233-243
  5. Lorenc A., Kuznar M., Lerher T.,, Solving Product Allocation Problem (PAP) by using ANN and clustering (2021), FME Transactions, VOL. 49, No 1, Belgrade, Serbia, pp. 206-213
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