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Training center and organization of quality systems, Cracow University of Technology 
Logistics and road transport
(2016-2017) postgraduate studies
Politechnika Krakowska

Cracow University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering
Field of study: transport
(2012-2016) PhD studies
PhD in technical sciences in transport, thesis defended with distinction (16.11.2016 adjudge of the degree, thesis title: "The impact of products classification method to the efficiency of internal transport in warehouse")

Wyższa Szkoła Ekonomii i Innowacji w Lublinie

University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin
Manager of research and development
(2012-2013) postgraduate studies

Politechnika Krakowska

Cracow University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering 
Field of study: transport, Operation, and management of transport
(2006-2011) master's degree graduated with distinction

Certifications and courses:

  1. Basics of Python programming, Altkom Akademia S.A., 06.2021
  2. Power BI training - data analysis and visualization, Comarch, Kraków, 07.2019
  3. Digital Marketing Online training of The Digital Garage, Google & IAB.Europe, online, 09.2017,
  4. Certificate of professional competence in the carriage of goods by road, ITS, No. 1720/TR/17, Warszawa, 07.2017,
  5. Certificate of professional competence in road passenger transport, ITS, No. 00324/TO/17, Warszawa, 07.2017,
  6. SEP qualification certificate for maintenance, repair, installation, control and measurement, Group 1 - electrical appliances, installations and networks with a voltage not exceeding 1 kV, Kraków, 03.2017,
  7. Certified Auditor of internal management systems in the laboratory ISO/IEC 17025, TUV Rheinland, Licence No. AZJ-2014-V-C314 - Kraków, 2014,
  8. Assistant Certificate of Quality Management System, Licence No. 12994 PCBC – Kraków, 2013,
  9. Course "Transport Learning - Parking space management, street design & traffic calming" – Kraków, 2013,
  10. Course "Changes in the documents of accreditation PCA: DAB-07, DA-05 i DA-06. Supervision of equipment, measurement traceability, quality assurance of research" - Lublin, 03.2012,
  11. Course "Management of intellectual property in higher education institutions" - Kraków, 02.2012,
  12. Course "Intellectual and Industrial Property" - Kraków, 01.2011
Augustyn Lorenc
Phone.+48 12 374 36 59
Fax: +48 12 628 33 11
ResercherID: Q-5894-2016
Recent papers
  1. Lorenc A., Czuba M., Szarata J., Real time location system (RTLS) based on the Bluetooth technology for internal logistics (2023), Sustainability, 15, 4976, Basel, Switzerland, pp. 1-22
  2. Ku??nar M., Lorenc A., The most common type of disruption in the supply chain - evaluation based on the method using artificial neural networks (2021), International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics, Vol. 13, No. 1-2, Bristol (UK), pp. 1-24
  3. Kuznar M., Lorenc A., A method of predicting wear and damage of pantograph sliding strips based on Artificial Neural Networks (2021), Materials, 15(98), Basel, Switzerland, pp. 1-23
  4. Kuznar M., Lorenc A., Kaczor G., Pantograph Sliding Strips Failure - Reliability Assessment and Damage Reduction Method Based on Decision Tree Model (2021), Materials, 14(19), 5743, Basel, Switzerland, pp. 1-17
  5. Lorenc A., Szarata J., Czuba M., Big Data analytics and anomaly prediction in the cold chain to supply chain resilience (2021), FME Transactions, VOL. 49, No 2, Belgrade, Serbia, pp. 315-326
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